Frequently Asked Questions


How does SafeSurv work?

Our ID scanning process currently reads the barcode on all domestic forms of ID, and the machine code on international documents such as passports which can be found on the identification page, or back of the document.


Can SafeSurv scan passports?

Yes, our handheld scanners can scan any ID from almost every country, as well as any Passport.


Do I need internet connection?

No, our IDReaders have full function even without internet access. Internet connection is preferred for recording data for enterprise level clients.


What data will my staff have access to?

Our scanners only show the information necessary for staff to do their job accurately. Information provided includes: Name, Birthdate, Age, Eye Color, Height.


How does SafeSurv tell if an ID is fake?

Through working with individual state offices we have created a proprietary way of flagging misused IDs.


Is SafeSurv taking pictures of the ID?

No, we are only scanning the barcode/machine code on the ID.


Is SafeSurv available on the app store?

No, however, this option will be coming soon.


What does the SafeSurv IDReader come with?

Our IDReader comes with the scanning module, aluminum stand (mount), screen protector, silicon case, USB charger.