Frequently Asked Questions


What information do you capture?

The information we capture includes: name, age, gender, address, phone, email, education, employment, social media handles, items purchased, location of purchase, date/time of purchase.

How do you capture the data?

Our proprietary data capture methods include the use of our ID scanning technology and public record resources.

How safe is the data you provide?

Data security is our top priority, all data provided to our clients is securely cloud stored by Google, and is acquired through public records.

How does SafeSurv ID scanning work?

SafeSurv ID scanning makes use of the PDF417 protocol. We scan the barcode located on the back of every form of valid government issued ID in order to properly produce the appropriate information needed for age restricted purchases.

Can SafeSurv ID scanning, scan passports?

Yes, our handheld scanners can scan any ID from almost every country, as well as any Passport.


Do I need internet connection?

No, our IDReaders have full function even without internet access. Internet connection is preferred for recording data for enterprise level clients.


What data will my staff have access to?

Our scanners only show the information necessary for staff to do their job accurately. Information provided includes: Name, Birthdate, Age, Eye Color, Height.


How does SafeSurv tell if an ID is fake?

Through working with individual state offices we have created a proprietary way of flagging misused IDs.


Is SafeSurv taking pictures of the ID?

No, we are only scanning the barcode/machine code on the ID.


Is SafeSurv available on the app store?

Yes, and it is completely FREE!