Key Customer Data


Dominate your Marketing

Leverage SafeSurv key customer data.

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Customer Profiles

Sit atop your throne with a birds eye view of your customer demographics.

- View primary, secondary, tertiary customer type.

- Captures age, gender, location for each

- Based on every customer checked in via the SafeSurv app.

- View how your customer profile changes over time.


Marketing Audit

Command your ad budget with ROI confidence.

- Track any campaign (digital, print, email).

- Impression Counts? view how many real life customers a campaign generates.

- Avoid ad budget waste.Evaluate which marketing vertical is right for your brand.

- Evaluate which marketing vertical is right for your brand.


Personal Customer Database

Re-engage your customers like never before.

- Convert checked IDs into actionable customer data.

- Unparalleled granular data access (email, physical address, social media).

- The perfect data set for any type of campaigning.

- Easier to capture than loyalty program sign ups.


I'm a supplier.

I produce amazing alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana products and want to increase my revenue, and brand footprint.


I'm a retailer.

I sell great products and want to have better insight on my customer base, increase basket item margins, and improve my vendor relations.