SafeSurv Insights

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It's important to know your customer.

Only SafeSurv taps actionable customer data on every transaction.


Customer IDentity

The foundation of every successful brand is a well defined customer profile. SafeSurv captures data from every transaction enabling your brand to access an adaptive customer profile tailored to fit your business in every season.


Marketing Audit

Clicks, Impressions, email sign ups, and package sales are all great metrics to monitor success on your marketing campaigns. SafeSurv takes it a step further by enabling brands to finally evaluate their campaigns against real in store customer activity.


Actionable Data

What marketing initiatives mean the most to your brand? Whether your brand is a social butterfly, a print wizard or an email king, SafeSurv enables brands to tap the information needed to make each of these campaigns as successful as possible. Our actionable customer data includes: Email, Education, Social media handles (and social ID), and Address. Making us the single most detailed customer data tool in the industry.



I'm a supplier.

I produce amazing alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana products and want to increase my revenue, and brand footprint.


I'm a retailer.

I sell great products and want to have better insight on my customer base, increase basket item margins, and improve my vendor relations.