Market data for alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana.

(Yes, it does exist. No, it’s not expensive.)

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 SafeSurv Business


The business platform converts compliance practices into a consumer data engine with precise metrics based on every customer your team engages with.

*Plans start at $100/Mo*

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When it comes to marketing your business,

guessing is expensive.

We give market evidence in the form of:

  • Top 3 Customer Profiles (gender / age / zipcode)

  • Gender profile

  • Age ranges

  • Heat mapping

  • Zipcode ranking

  • First time vs Repeat visitors

  • Custom reporting

  • Export ready reports

So you can save time, money, and energy when:

  • Defining ad placement

  • Quantifying campaigns

  • Identifying new marketings

  • Manage brand identity


Customer Database


All business tier accounts have access to their very own customer database. Giving brands the ability to fully customize their re-engagement strategies.


It’s never been easier to track customer value, manage brand

loyalty, and be a re-engagement champion.

Metrics available in the customer database include:

  • Visit History (First time vs Repeat)

  • Birthdate

  • Physical Address

  • Email Address

  • Social Media

  • Phone

  • University

  • Business association

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